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Jenkins County Unincorporated Area:

Fire protection in Jenkins County is provided by a network of volunteer departments organized under the Jenkins County Rural Fire Defense Master Plan developed in 2004. Each department operates as an autonomous IRS 501(c)3 organization.

The Jenkins County Board of Commissioners contracts with each department; the departments are centrally dispatched through the 911 system which is contracted by the county to the City of Millen.

City of Millen:

The City of Millen has its own fire department consisting of two fire engines, six full-time firefighters, and eighteen volunteer firefighters. The city fire department is an integral part of the city department of public safety, which also provides police protection.

Because all Jenkins County Public Schools are located within the city limits, the Millen City Fire Department provides Fire Prevention Education to the school population.

The city and rural departments also jointly participate in providing smoke detectors to all citizens at no cost.

The City of Millen has a dedicated municipal water system which includes three water wells and pumps, two elevated storage tanks and a grid of Fire Hydrants.

In addition, the City of Millen Volunteers operate two county-owned Rural Fire Defense engines which respond simultaneously with outlying volunteer departments on most rural fires.


South Jenkins Volunteer Fire Department:

The area south of the Ogeechee River is protected by the South Jenkins Volunteer Fire Department’s Station 5 located on Elam Road in the Four-Points Community, and the South Jenkins County Volunteer Fire Department District Six, located on West Old Savannah Road in the Emma Lane Community.

Both stations operate Class A Engines and Rural Fire Defense Fire Knocker Class Engines. Each station has approximately 25 volunteers each.

SJC Station 5 received a FEMA Grant for new protective clothing in 2007 and a FEMA Grant for a new fire engine in 2008.

Both South Jenkins stations are equipped for structural and woodland fire fighting.

North Jenkins Volunteer Fire Department:

The area located north of the Ogeechee River is protected by three North Jenkins County Volunteer Fire Department stations.

Station 3 is located on the Oak Hill Church Road and serves the Oak Hill, Scarboro, and Butter Milk Road Communities.

Station 7 is located on the North Jones Plantation Road and serves the Birdsville, Herndon, Rogers Communities.

Station 9 is located on the Perkins-Green Fork Road and serves the Perkins, Buck Head, Red Hill Communities. Station 9 is the North Jenkins Headquarters and is equipped with a fully equipped Training Room, Quarter Masters Storage facility, and a fully equipped Commercial Kitchen.

All three of these stations operate Class A engines and Support Tankers.

The department received a FEMA Grant in 2006 for a 3000 gallon Tanker/Tender. Another two FEMA grants were received in 2007 for new Breathing Apparatus and a new Mini Pumper designed in conjunction with the Georgia Forestry Commission. This engine has off road capability and responds to all brush and woods fires.

Fire Protection Training:

Jenkins County personnel are trained to perform the operations of the fire department under the most severe conditions. As a result, residents can rely on their fire departments in any situation because the volunteers recognize the importance of delivering high caliber emergency service to the public.

Each firefighter is required to complete intense training each year. The training is a combination of classroom, hands on practical exercises and live fire training. All firefighters are required to pass and maintain minimum firefighter standards set forth by the State of Georgia.

Jenkins County also participates in the NIFRS national reporting system. Each department is required to complete NIMS (National Incident Management System).

Fire Suppression Training:

ISO is an independent statistical, rating, and advisory organization that serves the property/casualty insurance industry.

ISO collects information on a community's public fire protection and analyzes the data using the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS). ISO then assigns a Public Protection Classification from 1 to 10.

The area within the city limits of Millen has a Class 5 rating, while most of Jenkins County currently possesses a rating of 9, which allows County residents to feel safer with the advantage of lower insurance costs. With improvements being made in accordance with the Master Plan, these rating will be lowered in coming years.

Water Supply

The Rural Fire Defense Program, in conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has developed a system of Dry Hydrants and Drafting Sites throughout the county. These sites are constructed and maintained in accordance with NFPA and ISO requirements. Property owners are encouraged to install an approved dry hydrant in their ponds and lakes.

Additionally, each Rural Fire Station is installing 3,000  to 10,000 gallon water storage tanks to limit travel distance during firefighting operations.

Future Plans

The Master Plan calls for an additional fire station in the Hilltonia-Godbee Road Area. The development of that facility will depend upon public support.

A Service Company is also being developed. With the donation of a large beverage truck by the Coca Cola Company, the service company will respond to countywide alarms with additional breathing air, salvage/overhaul equipment, ventilation fans and specialized equipment. The truck will also provide rehabilitation supplies to cool, rehydrate, and  feed working firefighters.






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